lørdag 3. september 2011

RAPIDS! (UK ) ## Fragments EP

The August 2011 release of RAPIDS! last EP 'Fragments' is a rare collection of genius indie rock fulfilled with pretty perfect portion of electronics running smooth above and into it all.

It all kicks off with Littleblood, whose track starts pretty chill and calm, and througout the session it all builds up, loads of right elements and raise into inferno in the final. Track 2 : House Of Sands moves on with the feel-good show. And it raises all the way on the 6 track release; Termination of a brilliant session with Nameless // Faceless, whose.perfect track is prices with a Block Party signed Remix as an added bonus which def invites you into the indie dance floor.
Well done.

Listen on bandcamp here. Then run to the record store. http://rapidsband.bandcamp.com/album/fragments

// Oslo Indie Office

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