torsdag 13. september 2012

OIO Album Review :: SATELLITE STORIES (Finland) - Phrases to break the ice

Release date Sep 21st 2012 at the XYZ Berlin label.

The down-to-earth no-flashing come-as-u-go easy likeable fellows of the Oulu smalltown located hangouts of Satellite Stories, enters the somehow already international crowded playful indie pop atmosphere with their debut longplayer Phrases to break the ice. Though, with the sweet, sometimes slender tones they mashup their innocent soundscape with pretty catchy and interesting alternating session througout the album, and summarize it all with a rare collection of fresh alternative goodies from this year debut releases in the European indiepop scene, as major part of the album will suite the latenite indie dancefloors around pretty perfect.

Well done. OIO Score :: 5/6.

// Oslo Indie Office, Norway

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