torsdag 7. mars 2013

OIO Brief EP Review :: Kid Astray debut EP "Easily led astray" at Brilliance Records

OIO Brief EP Review :: Kid Astray debut EP "Easily led astray" 
Release date : April 1st in UK. Elsewhere March 15.

The young and recently established colletive of Kid Astray fills up their debut EP
with sweet and danceable indie popock. Add playful synths, suitable gitar riffs and cathy airiness and you will end up in the so likeable comfortzone of Kid Astray.
Loaded with genuine engagement, spiced with dancefloor-inviting rythms the debut EP easly escalates into the favorite debutlist at the Oslo Indie Office.

Minimal and brillint soundscape, soon out on the Norwegian indie label of Brilliance Records. .
Do not try to ignore them. They are here. Congrats folks.

OIO Score ## 5/6

// Oslo Indie Office, Norway

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