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OIO Review :: The Rival Bid , Release "Hail to thee", (January 31st 2013)

The Rival Bid , Release "Hail to thee", (January 31st 2013)
LABEL: The Catbomb
DISTRIBUTION: Believe Digital

Clean, ambitious and sometimes even close to pompous alternatives characterize the fortcomming 2013 "Hail to thee" release from Rival Bid.
As the major part of the tracks escalate in an elegant and proper manner, the compilation mixes it all pretty perfect up with solid easy-going good-flows inbetween with the lovely
#2 Lojality Lies as a sweet sample . The dominated deliverables out of their comfort atmoshere is a killer combo of minimal and dreamy indie poprock, and their fine monumental though sweet soundscape.
Well done.
Few occations it all cuts down to the downtempo bone laidback session, as it goes with e.g.  "Let it out" track.
New York on the other hand is an uptempo catchy gathering, with sweet synth add-ons and so appropriate airiness.
Congrats with the release. This is a good one.

OIO Score : 5/6
// Oslo Indie Office, Norway

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