tirsdag 11. desember 2012

OIO Review :: Twilight Empire:: Falling / Kindred Spirits (December 2012)

Twilight Empire (Switzerland) :: Falling / Kindred Spirits (December 2012)
The great post-punk lineup of Zürich based Twilight Empire is out with a 2 tracks release, after the super solid self titled debut release last year.

The magic first. Track 2 'Kindred Spirits' ..simply a 4:40 unique masterpiece of a killer combo of native constructed monumental atmposhere and dark, downtempo post-punk. It all escalates, get dreamy and intence, loaded with both well placed airiness and energic elegant indie soundscapes.

Track 2 'Falling' .. is on the other hand an uptempo, lively post-punk rock off that kicks of with great good-flows, whose winning shoe-gaze sphere goes all the way out.

This release turns out to be dramatic good, and easily runs into the category of 2012 releases that shows up in OIO Inner Circle 2012.
Good for you.

OIO Score 5/6.

// Oslo Indie Office, Norway

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